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Shortboards the precision surf equipment of choice

There are many reasons to choose a short board but the most important is power. Shortboards are designed to carve up a wave with both speed and maneuverability – and it’s all in their design.

Shortboards are designed with rocker so when a rider pumps them from rail to rail they build pressure in the board’s flex pattern and fins, and that pressure translates into kinetic energy – what us regular folks call speed. Going straight on a shortboard slows it down.

Shortboards work best on steep, fast waves from about a metre and a half or bigger.  With a shortboard you can make the best use of the pocket and all critical zones of the wave. Steeper waves require less paddle power to catch, but need plenty of rocker to conquer. Sure there’ll be riders on bigger boards catching those waves earlier but they’re more likely to be on the shoulder, not able to exploit a steep curl which is where Mother gave waves their greatest power.  A short board converts height into speed.

Shortboard control in all conditions

Shortboards may not be the only way to ride a barrel, but they’re your ticket to a long ride and your chance to feel right at home in the green room. You can certainly tuck in riding a Fish, and you might be able to head dip riding a longboard, but only a shortboard can give you the long powerful barrel experience you’ll see in the mags.

Whether your specialty is digging deep for a big spray, doing figure-of-eights up the wall or busting air above the wave, your shortboard is  going to be your natural board of choice.  Different board types work well on different parts of a wave but a shortboard gives you the speed to move from section to section and get the best of all of it.  And the beauty of it is that you can mix it up. Have a lazy wave cruising off your back foot then take the next one slapping the lip up front.