ECS Smiley Surfboard


The ECS Smiley Surfboard gives you epic fun in junky waves blending a Fish nose & HP Shortboard tail. Epoxy and EPS construction gives you great floatation, paddling and pop

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ECS Smiley Surfboard

The ECS Smiley Surfboard gives you epic fun in junky waves by blending a Fish and High Performance shortboard. The design gives you a heap of fun in sloppy weak waves where almost no other style of board will work. The Smiley has a Fish-style nose. It’s wider and thicker and this gives you great paddling and wave catching. It paddles fast so you’ve already got speed as soon as you get to your feet. Then instead of tracking and stuck in a drawn out turn from too flat a rocker and too wide an outline, the Smiley tail is tucked in. Like a HP Shortboard you get a heap of bite and control so you can jam a turn anywhere to smack the lip or pop an air.

The ECS Smiley Surfboard gives you a heap of fun. The fuller rails won’t catch when you’re in the slop. They also won’t sink when you drive hard off them. Rather you’ll get projection and speed out of your turns. Your speed is further enhanced by a pronounced double concave through the fins. This bottom shape adds a lot of liveliness with spurts of speed. Construction is of EPS foam so you get good floatation and pop and the special glassing layup reduces any chatter. The Smiley is a great fun board for junky weak waves. Check our full range of Shortboards at Manly Surfboards>Shortboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 60 × 25 cm


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