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Swimming Wetsuits

Swimming Wetsuits are specialised purpose-built suits that give you high performance in your swimming. In the past, they may have been similar to your surfing wetsuit. Now they differ markedly in the materials and features they incorporate. They’re designed so you can enhance your performance, and enjoy your swimming, every day all year round.

Swim Wetsuits Nothing Matches Ocean Swimming

There’s nothing like swimming, especially in the open ocean. Just you, the waves, and your swimming wetsuit

We have a comprehensive range of Swim Wetsuits featuring leading brands such as Orca and Zone3. Both of these brands push the technology so that each season they’re incorporating new and improved features.

Swim Wetsuits Mens Wetsuits Orca Wetsuits Give You Advanced Performance

Our Orca and Zone3 range are extensive. It includes full suits, through the long johns, and neoprene top and pant combinations. Note the bright colors, while adding style, serve a vital purpose. They give you high visibility in the ocean. This gives you safety from other swimmers and from surfers and surf craft who can easily see and avoid you

Swim Wetsuits Womens Swimming Wetsuits

Swimming Wetsuits come packed with features and some are very versatile incorporating what you need for high performance triathlon performance as well as swimming. Suits can include neoprene uppers with lycra lowers and underarms. These ‘hybrid’ swimming wetsuits give you super flexibility to release your power in your different muscle groups without restriction.

Swim Wetsuits Orca Full Swimming and Triathlon Performance

Keeping your body at its optimum state, in terms of temperature, gives your muscles the environment they need to perform their best. You get your best performance and maximum enjoyment, on land and in the ocean

So how do these Swimming Wetsuits differ from surfing wetsuits?

The neoprene used is ultra-thin, ranging from 1mm to 1.5mm. To be that thin and still provide great warmth and insulation means very high tech is used in the neoprene manufacturing process. The neoprene is that thin and still super durable.

Mens Wetsuits Performance Swimming in Orca Wetsuits

Advanced tech features in Swimming Wetsuits includes buoyance panels. These correct your body posture maximising energy usage, reducing drag. These panels can be graded in the floatation they provide throughout your suit giving very fine control. For example providing more buoyancy lower in your body. Additional features include utilising the neoprene’s spring-return, so that as you take a stroke the wetsuit, instead of constraining you, helps your arm return ready for the next stroke. Every little bit of energy saved makes a difference in maximising your performance

Swim Wetsuits Advanced Technology Features

To enhance your performance the swimming wetsuits have special panels that incorporate buoyancy regulators. So they add buoyancy and float to your lower body that typically drags in the water. This enhances your posture, reduces your drag, increases your speed, and maximising energy use. So you’ll swim faster, farther.

Swim Wetsuits Advanced Technology Features

Suit design and cut are done to reduce and remove seams. Some of the suits have no stitched seams in areas like the shoulders and arms. The areas are cut by laser and sealed.

Outer coatings applied to the neoprene not only make them hydrophobic, so they don’t take on water or weight, but they also make your suit move with less friction through the water.

One aspect of competitive swimming, especially in triathlons, is the need to get into and out of your wetsuit quickly. GlideSkin is an internal finish that facilitates this. Wet wetsuits can cling to you and be almost impossible to get back on and into place with a good fit. With GlideSkin your suit slides off and on.

We deliver swimming wetsuits Australia wide, use our guides to get the sizing right. Come in-store to check out our full range of swim wetsuits and all the features.

Swim Wetsuits Zone3 Wetsuits Are Packed With Features

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