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Showing 1–16 of 31 results

Kids Wetsuits

Essential in winter and great use all year round Kids Wetsuits get your kids out into the surf. In a wetsuit your kids get protection from the cold, from blustery wind conditions and from the sun. Getting your kids out in the surf early can hopefully help instill a love for the beach, the ocean and its environs. Who knows you might even end up with a surfing world champ.

Wetsuits For Kids and Childre

Kids Wetsuits are great for getting them out into the elements. They’re also great for getting your kids engaging with their friends and sporting and beach lifestyles

Kids Wetsuit Types

Just as with adult wetsuits, kids have a range of different wetsuit types. These range from steamers giving full neck to ankle coverage to vests that cover just their top. In between there’s spring suits with short legs and long or short arms.

While Kids appear impervious to the cold a wetsuit can make all the difference to their willingness and motivation to be involved in the surf. Having a wetsuit like the Pros can also go a long way in helping nurture a sporting attitude and good vibe with their peers.

Wetsuits are great general beach wear for kids. Even if they’re not into high performance surfing, a wetsuit gives protection from scrapes and bumps and the sun. They’re great for kids running around the beach pool, clambering over rocks and stacking on the sand.

Depending on age, physical development and type of wetsuit Kids Wetsuits can be chosen for boys or girls or be used by either gender. A performance wetsuit model, with it’s better sizing and form fitting neoprene, is normally offered in boys and girls versions. A value wetsuit with thicker more durable neoprene might  have a more generous cut so be suitable for either.

Kids Steamers

Steamers for kids fall into three main categories.

High Performance


A great selection of performance steamer kids wetsuits. These include features and materials similar to those in adult suits. On the left the C-Skins Sessions is a 4-3mm suit so it has thicker warmer neoprene. It’s still flexi and includes sealed seams with chest zip for good fit and warmth. Quiksilver’s Boys Syncro Series features 3-2mm neoprene with a chest zip and sealed seams. ION’s Capture is a generic kids suit also sealed and featuring a front zip. Ocean & Earth’s Boys Free Flex 3-2mm is a great wetsuit with warm neoprene that still flexi, sealed seams and front zip

High performance kids steamers are constructed using many of the same features and materials as those used in high performance adult wetsuits.

Super flex neoprene panels are used. So arm movement for paddling and general body movement are enhanced. This surfing performance is provided while the neoprene still gives good warmth.

Zipless, front zip or back zip entry options are available. So you have choices ranging from best fit to what your kids like. Back zip entry gives fastest and easiest use while zipless, that is no zip, gives highest performance and best paddling with no zip to pull against. A front zip is a great tradeoff between ease of entry, giving a good fit and suit sealing.

Sealed seams might be used throughout the suit or in key areas. Sealing the seams prevents water flushing. So once in the surf any water that enters gets warmed by the body keeping your kids warmer.

In this type of wetsuit your kids will be able to compete against their peers and hold their own with just about any and all surfers in the surf. They’ll get great paddling, surf performance, comfort and be able to stay out in the water almost as long as they like.

Mid Range


C-Skins has a comprehensive range of kids wetsuits. Here’s 3 of their suits that incorporate mid-range and some advanced features. From the left, the Element and Legend suits both have back zips so they’re super easy to get on and off. The Legend suit also has a smoothie chest and back panel adding extra warmth as it deflects wind. The third suit is the Rewired with a chest zip. All these wetsuits include high flex panels in the arms with more durable neoprene used in the lower body

Mid range steamers use a mix of advanced features and materials and more durable ones in specific areas.

For example super flex panels may be used around the arms. So your kids get good paddling. Other areas of the suit may use thicker less flexi neoprene. These areas will still give warmth however will require more energy to perform, though they will last longer.

There may be a front zip or back zip option. As explained the front zip gives a better fit and sealing while the back zip gives the easiest entry and exit.

Seams may be sealed in the main body of the suit while the rest of the seams are only stitched. So your kid’s core will stay warm while the other areas of their suit will be more durable. Or there may be no sealing.

These suits are designed for great general use. They can be pushed into high performance. If your kids are involved in Surf Life Saving Australia activities where there’s some swimming, paddling, as well as running and diving on the sand these are a good choice. Your kids will get freedom of movement with their arms for performance board paddling and swimming while the lower areas of the suit with thicker more durable neoprene and stitching will hold up to stress.

Great Value


Great value Kids Wetsuits. From the left there’s the Mirage Girls Steamer, the Adrenalin Kids Enduro Wetsuit, then the Maddog Boys Steamer. These suits mainly come with back zips providing the easiest access. Your kids simply step in to the suit and step out to get the suit on and off. You can see the use of flexier neoprene on the shoulders so there’s still good paddling at this price point. The lower body neoprene is super durable able to stand up to scuffs on rocks and pool concrete. Stitching is flat locked which is super durable. It does allow a little water entry though will last several seasons

Great value steamers may have none of the fancy features.

This means a back zip so the suit will be super easy to get on and off.

No seam sealing so flat lock stitching is used throughout. This is robust and reliable so the suit will last. The tradeoff is that it will not be as flexible hence not offering as high performance.

Durable firmer neoprene that might not fit super snug will hold up to what your kids can dish out.

These suits are great for your kids general running around and foray at the beach. They can last several seasons so depending on your kid’s growth can either last a few years or work as hand-me-downs.

Kids Spring Suits

Kids Wetsuits Rip Curl Boys Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve Spring 2-2mm and C-Skins Element Junior Element 3-2mm Spring and Adrenalin Fuzion Kids Wetsuit Springsuit Zipless and Mirage Girls Short Sleeve Springsuit Wetsuit and Adrenalin Radical-X Kids Wetsuit Spring Jr and Adrenalin Hot Top Jr Wetsuit

Kids Spring Suits are a great versatile suit covering 3 quarters of the year’s surf temperature conditions. On the left the Rip Curl Boys Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve Spring 2-2mm gives a lighter neoprene with long arm  protection from the elements of sun and wind. A rear zip gives easy access. The C-Skins Element Junior Element 3-2mm Spring, Adrenalin Fuzion Kids Wetsuit Springsuit Zipless, Mirage Girls Short Sleeve Springsuit Wetsuit and Adrenalin Radical-X Kids Wetsuit Spring Jr are all short sleeve so give great paddling. Note the Adrenalin Fuzion gives zipless entry so there’s even great performance for paddling. On the right is the Adrenalin Hot Top Jr vest that is worn with boardshorts giving modest protection from sun and cold with maximum freedom

As with Kids Steamers, Kids Spring Suits also come in a range of models with higher and lower features and flexi or more durable neoprene.

The two model types offered are short or long sleeve spring suits. The two are nearly identical, the longer sleeve offering greater protection from the elements, cold and sun on the forearms. The alternative short arms offer greater performance as it’s easier to swing the arms and paddle without the extra neoprene.

The spring suit is a very versatile wetsuit. It gives great upper body warmth and protection leaving only from the knee down exposed. This areas does not necessarily feel the cold, check with your kids how they feel.

Spring suits normally don’t use as thick neoprene as the steamer. They’re lighter, easier to get on and off and get around in. They can cover a wider area of the year than the steamer. For example spring suits are normally  used in mid season so are great for autumn and spring time. They’re also used in summer in early mornings and late afternoons when there’s a chill or blustery wind. So your kids are covered for at least 3 quarters of the year.

Your Kid’s Wetsuit

Which wetsuit will work best for your kids? Come in store and check our range. Feel the neoprene, pull on the stitching. Then let your kids see what appeals to them and what the fit is like. Our extensive range covers performance kids wetsuits to great value wetsuits for everyone.

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