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Don’t leave home without it

Leg ropes or surfboard leash is a urethane cord attached towards the back of the surfboard deck with a plug. The other end attaches to the surfer’s ankle with a Velcro strap covered in neoprene for comfort and, voila!, surfer and board are comfortably connected throughout the surf.

We say don’t leave home without it, because before this simple accessory was developed in the 1970s, every ride meant a long swim to the beach to retrieve your board before heading out for another wave.

Staying connected

When the surfboard leash was introduced there was much controversy about the potential for boards bouncing back and knocking the surfer out. And yes, that’s possible. But the potential damage that an unattended board shooting through the surf can cause other swimmers and surfers means the general consensus is that leashes prevent more accidents than they cause.
The first leg rope attached to a surfboard was designed by Peter Wright, in Raglan, (Waikato) New Zealand. Wright used a nylon rope and got major kudos for his efforts because he didn’t patent his idea but let everyone in on it.

The urethane design by David Hattrick in Australia was patented in 1977 and Hattrick went on to establish Pipe Lines surfing products. His leg rope won an Australian Design Award in 1979.
The design of surfboard leashes has been modified over time, adding interchangeable smooth rotating nylon cuffs, for example, and rail saver swivel assemblies – but you don’t need to know the fancy stuff. You just need to know that, at Manly Surfboards, we’ve got leashes from Creatures, Tools, Ocean and Earth and On a Mission so you’ll find just what you need to keep you and your board in a close relationship. Now and forever.