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Your Kids need special attention in the gear they use in the surf. A below average experience can permanently alter their perspective of surfing and sports. So you want to do your best to give them the best time. Having a special piece of gear or equipment can create the excitement and interest to get them into the water.

Kids can use a range of surf craft and gear and you can match this to how serious they are. If they are serious it’s worthwhile to fit them out with high quality gear, from their surfboard and bodyboard through to their wetsuit. If it’s just about getting wet on a hot day then there’s a wide range of products to fit.


It is now most common for kids to wear wetsuits at the beach. This is due to the growing awareness of the need for sun protection, and wetsuits provide great protection. Kids also tend to spend more time in the water, going in and out. So a wetsuit keeps them at a consistent temperature. Neither too hot or too cold.

Most Kids beach activities involve a lot of physical exercise such as running, paddling, jumping, kicking. Especially if your kids are involved in a Life Saving or Boardriders Club. So a wetsuit also keeps them warmer, keeping their muscles in good shape.

Wetsuit Quality & Use

Wetsuits vary in quality.

Great budget wetsuits are very durable. They use a less flexible, tougher neoprene along with robust stitching. This stitching is usually flatlock. This means it sits flat so is less likely to rash. While the body of the wetsuit can be tough, high flex panels can be applied where needed. For example around the arms and shoulders. A back zip gives the fast and easiest entry and exit to the wetsuit.

If your kids are simply wanting to get wet then a great budget wetsuit is ideal. It can be used through a few seasons as hand-me-downs.

Performance wetsuits are less durable. A performance wetsuit is something your kids would use when competing in Surf Life Saving and Boardriders. Or if they’re getting up at the crack of dawn, showing the interest and putting the effort into their surfing.

Performance wetsuits have a great flexibility with higher quality materials. The shoulders and arms, where most of the paddling and activity takes place, are super flexible. The body though is also more flexible, assisting crouching for barrels or extensions for big moves.

Wetsuit entry and exit may be with a front zip, that keeps the back area warmest and most protected, or a zipless design. A zipless design removes the zip all together giving maximum flexibility.