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Bodyboarding NMD Bodyboard Surfing In the Air Bodyboarding is a great way to surf. It can take you from being a Beginner speeding in on the foam, to flying high as a Pro. The Bodyboard featured above is an NMD

Bodyboarding gives you an easy way to take on the full surfing experience. With no experience you can grab a Bodyboard and get out in the water, catch waves, and have great fun. On a Bodyboard you can also develop your surfing skill to take on the smallest to biggest waves and perform at the highest level doing power carves or taking to the air. Our range of Bodyboarding equipment can match your budget, your fun level, and your performance dreams.

Gear Range

There’s a range of gear you use in bodyboarding. Some items are essential and some are optional.



Bodyboarding VS-Bodyboards-WINCHESTER-WI-FLY-QUAD-CONCAVE-PFS-3-Channels

There’s a lot to Bodyboards. The more features in the board the greater the performance you’ll get out of your board and greater the value of the board. However you have to have a certain level of skill to fully realise the benefits of some features. Above is the VS Dave Winchester Channel model. On the left is the finished board. On the right you can see the great detail of the crafting of the foam, the inset reinforcements and rail shape

You need a Bodyboard. This is the essential item. Without some kind of board you won’t be boarding. With today’s level of technology Bodyboards have a foam core, some kind of protective outer layer, and then features that increase performance such as plastic bottoms, inner reinforcements and different quality materials.


What you can’t see, what’s inside a Bodyboard, makes the biggest difference to your performance. On the left is a cut through of a Funkshen Bodyboard. You can clearly see the white foam core. If this core is stiff foam you get speed and usually good floatation. A softer core gives you better carving. On the top and bottom of the core you can see different layers that affect your board’s flex and recoil. These will give you a feeling of liveliness and pop. On the right the black line in the middle of the board outline indicates a stringer. In this case it’s a carbon rod that gets wider from the nose on the right to the tail on the left. This will make the nose of your board flex, good for turning, while the tail remains flat, good for speed. Not all boards have stringers

Bodyboards come in different sizes to match your physical characteristics and your skill. While Bodyboards may look similar on the outside, the internal features greatly affect your performance.

Non-Essential Yet Preferable



With a large number of products out there, you need to know which brands will give you the best performance and best value. A premium product at the best price will give you great surfing

Fins are not essential. Some Pro level bodyboarders do not use fins and only use their arms for paddling propulsion. Fins do add additional weight and they are cumbersome. However they also give you a huge amount of propulsion. So are a valuable aid to getting out through the break and getting onto waves.

If you’re a Beginner having the extra propulsion will get you out to the break and catching waves faster. If you’re an Intermediate to Advanced boarder you can mix and match. Not use fins when catching easy waves close to shore. Use fins when you’re on a break out the back or that needs that extra propulsion to catch the wave.


Bodyboarding-Funkshen-Bodyboards-Chase-LeashThis is a good example of why a leash is worthwhile. In terms of safety if you wipeout your leash will keep your board with you, saving your board getting washed up and damaged on the rocks, and you having to risk going onto the rocks to rescue it. In terms of wave catching, a leash opens up surfing a break like this. If you knew there was a good chance of losing your board you likely wouldn’t surf there. The board featured is a Funkshen Bodyboard

A leash keeps your board with you when you wipeout. It’s a safety and a wave-catching feature.

In terms of safety, leashes today don’t tend to break so you know no matter how heavy a wipeout you take your board will be there for you to grab and catch your breath on. If you want to surf in an area, for example close to rocks, your leash will keep your board with you saving you and it from being washed up onto the rocks. Also surf conditions can change quickly. What was a calm surf can quickly develop a massive rip. If you lose your board and it gets caught in the rip a lot of risk can be involved in trying to retrieve it. The  keeps your board with you adding to your safety.

In terms of wave catching, if you have a wipeout and your board comes out of your hands without a leash you’ll have a long swim and time not catching waves. With a leash you’re straight back on your board catching waves. Also the leash can open up breaks you might not otherwise surf, for example in close proximity to rocks or reef.

Some Bodyboards don’t come with the attachment for your leash. In this case you need a leash plug. The plug allows you to attach and remove your leash. So if you want a feeling of freedom you can remove it.

Foot Socks & Booties


The type of thing that can happen to your foot when using your fins, and how to prevent it. If you’ve never used fins before then you need to prepare your feet to keep them as safe as possible. Also if you’re a casual bodyboarder planning a trip where you’ll be surfing a lot this type of protection can prepare your feet so you’ll have great injury free surfing

To improve the comfort and fit of your fins, socks and booties can be worn. These have a similar construction to your wetsuit’s soft smooth neoprene. They provide comfort and protection against the fin rubber creating a blister or other abrasion on your ankle or other part of your foot. If your fins are a little too large for your feet the socks and booties can also provide that extra snug fit. Booties tend to be thicker than the Foot Socks giving warmth to your feet in colder weather.

If you’ve never used fins before, or if you are going on a trip or similar where you’ll be doing much more surfing, foot socks will help your feet get used to the extra rubbing. In this way you can remove the socks after your feet get used to your fins and you won’t get blisters.

Fin Savers


Keeping your fins attached to you is a guaranteed way not to lose them. Fin Savers can come in fine through to thicker formats. It’s worthwhile coming in-store to check what your personal preference is. From left to right NMD Flipper Savers, Creatures of Leisure Bodyboard Fin Savers, Ocean & Earth Deluxe Fin Savers

In the same way you can lose your Bodyboard in a big wipeout, you can lose your fins. Sometimes you can lose your fins just walking out through the break or jumping off rocks. So there are mini leashes that attach your fins to your ankles. These Fin Savers, even though small, do add bulk. The benefit is that they save you from losing your fins.

Bodyboard Bags


Bags or covers have different applications. On the left the VS Board Sock is simple, it slides on, fits snug and protects from minor bangs and foreign substances. In the middle the Stealth Basic Bodyboard Bag gives tougher protection though not padded. The bag exterior has pockets allowing you to stash your fins, wetsuit, leash, so all your gear is in one place ready to go. Handle, strap and backpack straps make transport easy. On the right the Stealth Tank Bodyboard Bag gives you padding, enough space for several of your boards, and all your gear, great carry strap options, and you get wheels making transport, for example in airports, a breeze

Keeping your board safe will extend its life. A bag can protect your Bodyboard from bangs and bumps, for example when being transported. It can also protect from dust and ageing when your board is not being used.

Another big benefit of a Bodyboard Bag is when traveling with mates your boards can tend to be all thrown in together. You can have wax or other substances get on them that will alter performance, slowing you down. A bag prevents this from happening, keeping your board in optimum performance shape.

All Ready To Go


Come in-store and we have everything all ready for you to go!

To get the fastest start come in-store and we can fit you out with the right Bodyboard and all the gear you need. Within minutes you can be in the water surfing. If you’re an Intermediate and Advanced surfer we have advanced performance gear available for you too.

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