DaFin Classic Fins


DaFin Classic Fins. Used by elite watermen, photographers & surfers. 100% Malaysian rubber, special strake design. Extra reinforcement translates your power in more propulsion with each kick.

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DaFin Classic Fins

The DaFin Classic Fins are a great way to get around in the water. They’re the fin of choice for leading surf photographers, watermen and of course surfers. 100% all natural Malaysian rubber construction gives you maximum flexibility and strap and foot sock comfort. Smooth finished the rubber prevents blisters and chafing. At the blade the rubber density gives rigid resistance to the water so you get great power transfer from your kicks. The DaFin Classic Fins design reduces drag on the up kick while helping reduce leg strain and cramps. Along with their lightweight, this means you can use the fins over longer periods.

Specially designed strakes on the blade generate a vortex of water gives extra control and manoeuvrability on the wave face and in turbulent water. When pushing your fin hard in these types of conditions it’s good to know the fin floats if it comes off. So the likelihood of loss is greatly reduced. As an added bonus the fins are interchangeable between your feet. So you can grab either fin and put it on. Used by some of the Worlds best Watermen the DaFin Ambassadors include Mark Cunningham (World Champion Bodysurfer), Zak Noyle (Professional Surf Photographer) and Brian Keaulana (World Renowned Hawaiian Waterman). Check our full range of Bodyboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboard Fins.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 20 cm


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