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Showing 1–12 of 23 results

Mini Mal Surfboard

The Mini Mal, generally known as the Funboard or Hybrid board, is a great universal surfboard. It was inspired by the larger Malibu Surfboards. A minimal surfboard is basically a shorter and more manoeuvrable version of the longboard, ranging in size between 7’0″ to 8’6″. It’s a board that every surfer should have in their quiver.

Perfect for beginners

Mini Mals are easy to paddle, and great for catching waves while offering fantastic stability. This makes them a great alternative to learn to surf on.  They make a great alternative to the foamie or soft board, and have all the characteristics needed to learn to surf. When your surfing progresses it’s a board that you can keep in your quiver for the smaller days.


Due to the Mini Mal surfboard design with wide nose and shorter length it makes it very versatile and appealing to all levels of surfers.  Having the characteristics of the longboard with ease of paddle and wave catching ability and the greater manoeuvrability similar to the shortboard.

Small Wave Days

Many surfers including shortboarders have a minimal surfboard in their quiver for those days when the waves are tiny.