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Beach Accessories

Beach Accessories

Beach Accessories give you a great time at the beach and surf. They can give you the perfect blend of sun and shade, a fun activity in the water and out, protect you from UV and rash, and a host of other things. Beach Accessories are those items that make your beach outing perfect.

Here’s a selection of what we have in store and online.

Beach Setup


To have a presence at the beach it all starts with protection – ideally from the sun although sometimes you need protection from the rain too. The beach umbrella creates a great piece of shade and is super easy to setup. Next, the cabana, incorporating the latest in lightweight materials has allowed easy transport of protection more like a tent, to give you an even more comprehensive level of shade and beach presence. From left Resort Tilt Deluxe Beach Umbrella, Sunny Life Beach Umbrella Kasbah, Sunny Life Beach Cabana

When you get to the beach, if you’re not just doing a hit and run surf, you may want to have a presence. A place where family, friends and mates can come and hang out. Ideally you want it in the sun, yet offering protection from harsh UV rays. You may also want it to provide protection in the event of rain.

Beach umbrellas have been a traditional great source of shade. They’re easily transportable, folding down to a tube shape, and easy to assemble, most springing open. They’re also very easy to secure with the base screwing into the sand. As the sun moves it’s easy to either turn the umbrella in that direction or tilt it over.

If a breeze comes up your beach umbrella can be lowered right onto the sand and pointed facing the wind.  In the worst case scenario you can simply lower it and put it away. Coming in a variety of sizes around 2m in diameter you get a good amount of coverage. You can always space a couple of umbrellas together for more presence and cover.

A cabana offers the next level of presence in the form of a tent shape with the sides cut away. You get a rectangular or square piece of shade, with no hindrance for the breeze to blow or kids to run through. The cabana normally stands higher than an umbrella. There’s a little more of it to transport than the umbrella, yet it delivers more.  The Sunny Life Beach Cabana gives you 200cm x 200cm of shade, and is only 16cm x 16cm x 125cm in size to carry.

Free standing the cabana doesn’t need anything to stand up. However there are pockets in the fabric at each corner that allow you to load in sand to weight the cabana down and keep it stable and in place. You can also use pegs and in the worst case if the wind gets too strong you would take your cabana down.

Beach Seating & Chairs


If you’ve got your umbrella or cabana you probably don’t want to sit on the sand, especially if you’ve just come out of the water. A towel is a great first option that can both dry you off and give you a sand-free place to sit. Beach chairs provide an even more comfortable way to lounge about. They can give you an upright back so you can get a good view of what’s going on. They can also be set completely flat. With their comfy cushions they’re a great way to relax

If you don’t want to sit on the sand then a towel is a great way to both dry yourself and have somewhere to sit and lay down. Our beach towels are 100% cotton so are eco and have great absorption. Their terry toweling finish gives you a plush pile and extra comfort. At the next level we have great beach chairs. These allow you to sit upright on the sand. Like a chair without legs. They fold up so are easy to transport, and simply flip open. With substantial cushions you get a super comfy seat. They also fold flat so you can lay on them too.

Our beach chairs are also free standing. You don’t need to bury them in the sand or prop them against a wall. Construction is of stainless steel so they won’t rust and will be long lasting. As the stainless steel is so strong, it is thin making the chairs light and easy to carry. The chairs have an inbuilt tilting mechanism and along with the 300D polyester outer covering, the chairs are durable.

Beach Action

In terms of activities at the beach there’s a range of different options.

Ball Games


Ball games and the beach go together. The paddleball game has a ball with momentum so it’s easy to determine its trajectory. The heavier style ball is also relatively unaffected by the wind. Next, the beach volley ball is a great ball to use. It’s lightweight and is great for use with side of your foot, hand or other part of your body. It is also fun for use with a proper beach volley ball setup or for sand soccer or bouncing in and off the water

Out of the water, or in the shallows, ball games are great. The paddleball game gives you two hand bats shaped like paddles with fabric centers, and a ball with special rebound.  The ball has momentum without spring so when you hit it it does project off, yet not with a crazy bounce. It’s trajectory is easy to determine so it’s easy to return, and so the paddleball game starts. Even in the wind the ball’s momentum makes it easy to keep in play, the ball not blowing away. The game requires skill, however you can start close together and extend your distance.

Beach volley ball is another great ball game. The volley ball ball is lightweight, floats and has a lot of bounce energy. While not meant to receive too hard a kick, it can be kicked with the side of your bare foot and of course hit with your hand, or other part of your body. Having the beach volley ball opens up the opportunity for a proper volley ball match, with the net that you can find at the beach. It also opens up beach soccer, or passing the ball round-robin. The ball also works great in the shallows where you can purposefully bounce it off the water at crazy angles.



Fun floats set the theme at the beach. They’re not designed for use in waves so the surfboard shape is for look not function. The floats give you something soft and squishy to lay on, jump on and have fun on. The square object above is an inflatable floating game where you throw weighted bags into holes to score points. From left Sunny Life Kids Ride With Me Surfboard Float, Sunny Life Adults Float Away Lie On Surfboard, Sunny Life Adults Inflatable Summer Corn Hole Neon

Kids have a great time on floats in the pool and in the shallows. There’s a great feeling being on something soft and squishy. It can be jumped on, jumped off, or just laid on floating around. What works for kids can also work for adults. We’ve several inflatable floats with a surfboard shape. Not meant to be surfed they look super cool and capture a great beach fun theme. They’re equally good at the beach and around the home pool.

Another interesting inflatable is what’s called a Corn Hole. This is a rectangular shape with pockets spaced in the middle section. The aim being to throw small weighted bags into the holes and score points depending on which hole gets hit. With a bright translucent orange colour it is an attention grabber. The game is also easy so that kids can participate. For adults the Corn Hole can be floated farther away making scoring points more challenging.

Feel Good


The sun keeps sending out UV rays even from behind the clouds so you need protection. The best sunscreens for the beach are those that are non-greasy. So when applied to your face they won’t drip in your eyes. They also won’t leave grease marks on your clothes. Zinc style sunscreens have always been popular. They stay on the outside of your skin, they’re not rubbed in, and work by reflecting the sun rays. They’re good in the water yet they can mark your gear. After sun aloe is great to apply giving you soothing relief after a day at the beach. From left are two zinc based sunscreens, Surfscreen SunCream 50 and Surfmud Sunscreen. Ecosol Waterblock SPF 50 Sunscreen is non-greasy and water resistant. Oceanz ALOE 150ml Aloe Vera gives great after-sun relief

If you’re spending time at the beach it’s worth remembering that the sun just doesn’t only come from above. It’s also reflected off the sand and especially off the water and it’s still sending out UV rays even behind the clouds. So make sure you’ve got protection in the form of sunscreen.

Sunscreens come in different textures. If you’re going to be surfing you want one that’s non-oily and that has a dry finish. This is important as if you put an oily sunscreen on your forehead it can dribble into your eyes causing irritation. There’s also sunscreens that are more suited to putting clothing over, not leaving oil marks. We’ve got a wide range of sunscreens for you, including those for sensitive skin.

If you do get a lot of sun we’ve also got aloe gel that is a natural way to remove the discomfort of sun exposure. Other types of discomfort can be prevented and repaired. If you haven’t paddled before, or if you spend too much time in wet shorts, or if you’re wearing a wetsuit, you can find that you rash. Before you rash by apply a smoothing cream you can prevent the rash, allowing your skin and the rashing material to smoothly glide against each other.

Once you’ve rashed then you have to stop doing what you’re doing. The organic PawPaw Nectar can bring about a quick recovery.


The Squirt Barrier Balm and Beach Gladiator Chafing lotion are great to head off a rash – if you apply them right at the start. Once you’ve got a rash you’ll have to stop your activity. The Paw Paw Nectar is a great solution that helps skin recovery


Personal Shade & Warmth


Rash-vest style garments for toddlers through to stylish hoodies give great beach protection from both the sun and the other elements like wind and cold. From left Ocean & Earth Toddler Zip Front Sun Suit, Sunny Life Kids Hooded Fouta Towel Girl, TLS Adult Microfiber Poncho

You can have your own personal shade in the form of an appropriate beach garment. If you get a Hoodie, the hood will provide protection from UV rays and the garment will protect most of the rest of your body. The good thing about a hoodie is that it has several other big benefits. It also protects from the wind and cold. The fleecy feel will dry off water reducing wind chill while also providing great insulation to keep you warm. There’s big pockets on the front to jam your hands and gear into.

The other great thing about hoodies is that they’re so easy to put on and take off. So for you and your kids you can wear them to and from the beach reducing the chance of sand being carried back home and coverage is provided from before you even leave home. This is especially handy for kids. There’s also quick dry rash-vest style garments for kids that also provide beach protection.

Float Protection


Floatation devices give a level of safety. They can make all the difference. However it is always best to avoid potentially dangerous situations. From left even your dog can be kept safe with the Cressi Premium Dog Life Jacket. For kids there’s the Sunny Life Swim Vest. For adults the Land Sea Sports Personal Floatation Device PFD L50

The ocean is a very dangerous place. So to take care we have floatation devices available. Never to be taken lightly, these devices can provide a level of floatation in the water. Their use should be in accordance with their instructions. However it is always best to avoid dangerous or potentially dangerous situations.

These devices can also be used on boats or still water areas where surf craft may be in use.

Smelling Good


When you’ve brought an odour home from the beach we’ve got the solution. Sticky Johnson Car Freshener and Sexwax Car Freshener in 3 Flavours

When your beach day is done and everyone is home safe, you may find there’s still some not so pleasant beach odours in your car or around your gear.

So a worthwhile beach accessory in this situation is the car freshener. We’ve got them in natural through to exotic scents. The ideal thing to complete your day at the beach.

Your Beach Accessories

Sunny Life Carryall Bag Classic

How to get it all to and from the beach – perfect – the Sunny Life Carryall Bag Classic

The above is only a small part of the range of Beach Accessories we have available. Come in-store or check online to get what you need to make your beach time perfect.

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