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The invention of the wetsuit for surfers was like the invention of the wheel for humanity: they made so much more possible. Surfing in any weather, surfing in any conditions, surfing more safely around reefs, rocks, not to mention increased comfort and confidence in the elements.

The wetty is a neoprene suit that comes in various thicknesses – 3:2 for regular use and 4:3 for particularly cold conditions. The first number is the thickness across the chest and the second is the thickness of the arms and legs of the suit.

Manly Surfboards has wetsuits for everyone: men’s wetsuits, women’s wetsuits and kids wetsuits. Plus we have all the regular configurations:

Full wetsuits: The full wetty covers you from ankle to neck to wrists and is just the ticket for winter surfing.

Spring wetsuits: The springy is your short-pants version. The short leg, short arm version is great for cool weather when you don’t need the protection of a full suit but still need to keep the wind out. An advantage is the greater freedom for your arms and legs
Neoprene jacket: A half-a-wetsuit you can wear with board shorts or over a bikini, or you can wear it over:

Longjohns: the legs only version with straps that hook over your shoulders.
We specialize in wetsuits by Ion and Skins.

“The skinny on wetsuit dressing”

So we all love our wetties. But we all hate getting them on and off. Getting into a suit – particularly if it’s already damp – can be the biggest struggle of any day. The secret: plastic bags. The enemy of the marine environment in every other way can be your savior when it comes to wetsuit dressing. Slip your foot in a bag and slide it through the suit, repeat on the other side, repeat with one hand in the bag, then the other, and ta da! Fully dressed without the angst.

Another benefit is that you can slide into your suit without unnecessary pulling and stress on the stitching and zippers to keep your suit lasting longer.

But always keep that plastic bag safely with your gear and out of the water. Don’t trade environmental responsibility for an easy glide into your suit.