Adrenalin Enduro Mens Wetsuit Steamer


The Adrenalin Enduro Mens Steamer gives you flexi durable neoprene for great performance and long life. Great cut gives a comfy fit and reduced seams reduce rashing. A great value wetsuit

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Adrenalin Enduro Mens Wetsuit Steamer

The Adrenalin Enduro Mens Wetsuit Steamer gives you great surfing with great value. It uses high quality neoprene so you get great stretch. The stretch means the suit will flex so you get a good fit, warmth and performance. You’ll be paddling well, catching more waves with great shoulder flex. You’ll go farther, faster, with less fatigue, important in surfing, swimming and all board sports.

The Adrenalin neoprene is also long wearing so you get a great balance between flexibility and durability. The Steamer design includes a seamless collar and underarm. This greatly minimises rashing in these chaff-prone areas so you will have a heap of fun without discomfort. These are all great features that come together so you can spend as long as you like out on the water.

Quality Construction

The Adrenalin Enduro Mens Steamer flatlock stitching covers all other seams. This is stitching that sits flush against the neoprene reducing chaffing so giving comfort. The cut of the suit includes additional performance and comfort features. The crotch features an extra gusset improving fit and reducing strain in this high wear area. The knee pads are non-slip so assist with your crucial pop up.

A heavy duty back zip is non-corrosive and smooth running and gives you the easiest way to enter and exit your suit. You can pull the zip right down and simply step in and out. The Adrenalin Enduro Mens Steamer is a great value, flexible, durable suit.

Whether you’re surfing hard, swimming or playing on the beach you’ll stay warm and have a heap of fun in this suit. To find out more on how Adrenalin Wetsuits can power your surfing check here: Adrenalin Wetsuits

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm


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