FK Neo Lycra Wetsuit Vest Short Sleeve


The FK Neo Lycra Wetsuit Vest ShortSleeve gives you great value 1mm chest & back with lycra sides & arms. So your core stays warm and protected while your arms get maximum freedom.

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FK Neo Lycra Wetsuit Vest Short Sleeve

The FK Neo Lycra Wetsuit Vest Short Sleeve is great for summer and warm water surfing. It’s a  hybrid giving you the best of neoprene and the best of lycra. The body consists of 1mm neoprene so you get warmth from the wind and elements. With the good extra length your body core is kept warm. So you can surf at your best.

Being warm you’ll also be comfortable so you can focus on your surfing rather than having negative thoughts regards the conditions. You also get protection. Protection from rashing on the deck of your board. Also protection from the sun and its UV rays.

The neoprene is only 1mm so it’s high performance and not bulky. The arms are spandex lycra. So you have super flexiblity in your upper body. You’ll paddle farther, faster and without fatigue compared to wearing a heavier springsuit.

The lycra also gives you a performance benefit as it it so light it’s unnoticeable. The FK Neo Lycra Wetsuit is ideal for summer and the tropics. It can also be used under your winter wetsuit to give you additional warmth. Check our Wetsuits at: Manly Surfboards>Wetsuits

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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