FK Neo Lycra Vest Long Sleeve


The FK Neo Lycra Vest Long Sleeve gives you great value 1mm neoprene chest and back with lycra sides & arms. So your core is kept warm and protected while you have maximum paddle and swimming freedom.

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FK Neo Lycra Vest Long Sleeve

The FK Neo Lycra Vest Long Sleeve gives you protection for your core and freedom for your arms. 1mm super soft supple neoprene is used on the body. So you get protection and warmth where it counts, in your lower back and core. The body sides, shoulders andarms are lycra. So you get maximum freedom, great paddling and swimming.

Ideal for when the water is super warm and you need the barest of wetsuit warmth, the vest provides protection for your stomach. So if you’re paddling all day you won’t get rash. Alternatively, if its winter this vest is ideal to wear under your cold water wetsuit giving an extra layer of protection.

A great feature is the long body and sleeves. The long body protecting your back. Long sleeves keeping the sun off your arms. They also give added protection from blustery sea breeze and stingers. As they’re lycra they add no weight and will quick dry. So give upser comfort. The seams are generous keeping it all together, yet they’re flat so they won’t rash against your skin.

Giving you maximum freedom along with core body protection and warmth this is a great warm water vest. Yet also versatile for use under your winter wetsuit. Check our full range of Mens Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Mens Wetsuits

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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