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Showing 1–12 of 26 results

Fish Surfboards the Small Wave Weapon

Fish surfboards take to a small, gentle surf just like, well, a fish to water. The Fish was born in the family garage of Steve Lis in San Diego California in the 1970s when new technologies and materials were allowing shapers to let their imaginations range over a wider range of options than ever before.

The Fish has a wider outline through the nose, centre and tail (typically a swallow tail) plus a low rocker profile. It’s thick, wide, short and well, it looks like a fish.  The Fish is not only stable, but ideal for smaller, softer surf conditions because they allow speed in small waves. You know the type. Ankle biters.

An easier paddle

With significantly more volume than a more traditional shortboard, a Fish gives you more buoyancy, allowing you to cruise in the water and paddle out easier and faster – very important if you happen to be in a hectic clutch of competing surfers.  With less rocker, that’s another bonus for easy paddling.