Volume VU2 Utility Series Fish




Volume VU2 Utility Series Fish

The Volume VU2 Utility Series Fish gives you great all round high performance surfing. The design features extra volume so you get floatation for great paddling and wave catching. You’ll be having way more fun catching more waves. The floatation, along with a high speed rocker, gives you great performance on the wave face.

You’ll find you’re not bogging but generating speed from turn to turn. The rails though are fine so you can charge into power turns with all the bite you need. They work great in combination with the extra volume cutting through lump and chop in sloppy conditions.

The Volume VU2 Utility Series Fish features a flyer behind the front fins. So the tail area narrows giving you a lot of bite and pivot point for your turns. This overcomes common problems associated with Fish-style boards that tend to go down the line stuck in shallow turns.

The VU2 will allow you to drive super hard off the bottom and top pivoting vertically. While there’s extra volume the rails remain fine aiding responsiveness and high performance. The extra volume with low rails means you’ll get performance across a wide range of surf conditions from knee high to overhead.

The board has a traditional PU construction so there’s no surprise or problems with it being corky or getting chatter. It comes standard with an FCS II Thruster 3 fin box setup. The finish is clean white with classic black pin lines that look sharp. This is a great one board quiver. Check our full range of Fish Surfboards at Manly Surfboards>Fish Surfboards

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 650 × 60 × 20 cm


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