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Longboards that never let you down

Want to surf every day, no matter what the conditions? A longboard is a great choice because they’ll give you a lot of fun on a small wave plus the stability to tackle something a whole lot bigger.  Longboards come in tripe, single and 2+1 fin configurations (one big centre fin and two smaller support fins). Tails can be square or rounded and the boards are anywhere from 8ft to 12ft (2.4 – 3.6m) but the majority are around 10ft (3m).

They are great for beginners – their stability give newbies a solid platform to practice walking on water – they are also used by some of the world’s top riders to tackle some of the world’s most amazing waves.  A longboard doesn’t have the speed or maneuverability of a shortboard but they more than make up for that in glide with a huge surface for planing and not so much rocker so they ride easy through chop.

The great all-rounder

Manly Surfboards has new longboards for sale, used longboards, bargain longboards, any type of longboard you are after: we have it. Plus we have the gear you need for your ride from wax and legropes to rashies and wetsuits.  Of course you’ll trade off speedy turns for all that smooth glide and stability – your longboard can’t react with anything like the response of a shortboard.

And when paddling out, be prepared to turn over and turtle in a big surf because it’s almost impossible to duck dive with a sizable plank.  However, if you’re looking for a great all rounder, come and see us and we’ll talk longboards.