NSP 06 Elements HDT Longboard


NSP 06 Elements HDT Longboard. Great first and progressing board. Refined rails help for trimming and turning. Check our Surfboards Online NOW!



NSP 06 Elements HDT Longboard

The NSP 06 Elements Longboard is versatile. It’s a great first board as well as for progressing your surfing. NSP has taken their proven longboard design and refined it. You still get great paddling so wave catching is easy.  The general feel of the board gives you glide and trim. What’s changed is that the rails have become more refined over the length of the board. So trimming you’ll feel like the board is in the wave rather than on it. There’s less of an over-buoyant bumpy ride. So you’ll be able to feel the board respond with more subtle changes in your positioning. To progress your surfing the tail has been thinned out so it’s finer. This means you get more bite. By stepping  back on the tail you’ll be able to do more powerful radical turns. You can carve the board around on bottoms turns and top turns. The farther you stand back the more the board will pivot. The board is setup with an FCS Original fin system. So, you’ll be able to change the performance of the board. With different fins and fin combinations you can get the best performance for different conditions, small or big days. Construction is of NSP’s highend technology so it’s light. NSP claim eco-friendly vacuum moulding around a foam core and the epoxy outer has a range of finishes.


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