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Beginner Board NSP Surfboards Protech Performance Surfing

NSP Surfboards has a great range of models, to take you all the way from a Beginner board to an Advanced board. Their range of models makes it easy to pick the right board to take your surfing where you want it to go.

Matched to their proven designs are a range of advanced construction technologies. So if you’re a Beginner wanting durability, an Intermediate wanting a balance of performance and fun, through to a higher end Advanced surfer, they have a surfboard and construction technology for you.

NSP Beginner Surfboards

A softboard with soft deck and rails with a special beginner surfboard design makes for great way to start surfing. NSP’s P2 construction offers exceptional durability

A softboard is a great board on which to start your surfing. You get the ideal Beginner board where the deck and rails are covered in soft foam. So if you get a bump there’s minimum consequence, compared to a hardboard. Soft fins likewise reduce the risk of any harm, while still giving you a proper thruster three fin surfing experience. The bottom of the softboard has a plastic slick so you get speed and fun on the wave.

The P2 Beginner softboard range features full noses, extra width and good thickness ideal to get you surfing

While the beginner softboards exterior has a soft outer covering, the interior is not like a softboard at all. The interior has its foam core wrapped in solid fibreglass and epoxy. This type of core is super strong while being relatively light.

A key difference of P2 softboards over other softboards is the internal core. It’s not just foam. Its foam core is wrapped with epoxy and fibreglass giving you a super durable surfboard overcoming the problems faced by many Beginner surfboards

This P2 construction overcomes the biggest problem faced by Beginners on a softboard. The softboard, by its nature of being soft does not last in the surf.

Whether it’s one heavy wave that hits, or constant rider weight and wave pressure, softboards wear, bend and break. Once your softboard starts to overflex or flop it will no longer be very helpful to your surfing.

P2 Beginner softboard models also have a design purpose-made for Beginners. The boards have a wider outline so you get stability making it easier to get to your feet. The nose is wider so you get easier wave catching and once on the wave you get momentum to get you out of the foam and surfing on the wave face.

Board thickness is important as you progress your surfing. at the beginning you need to get good flotation for paddling, wave catching and riding. As you progress NSP refines your volume

The P2 Beginner board is thicker so you’ll float easily. You won’t be bogged down. Lastly you get your choice of length and board design to match where you want your surfing to go. Whether it’s to progress in shortboard surfing, cruise on a longboard, or just to get going and progress as fast as possible, there’s an NSP P2 Beginner board with exactly the right length and style for you.

Intermediate Surfboards

At the Intermediate level NSP Surfboards offers a depth of great designs. You have a choice of longboard, shortboard, to fish and hybrid models

If you’re progressing from the Beginner stage staying on the longboard path, there’s long wide boards to keep your progress going, increasing performance while still being easy to ride. There’s still width in the nose, but more refined.

The thickness of the board is likewise refined with special rails to balance speed and manoeuvrability with forgiveness. So you can progress your moves while still having fun. Overall you can easily get on these Intermediate boards and surf.

The NSP Elements Fish is a great board able to perform as far you can take it. Below, hanging ten on an Elements Longboard

If you’re progressing from the Beginner stage to a shortboard then there’s ideal transition boards. There’s oversize fish boards that give you width, thickness, refined rails and speed in a shorter board size. There’s a hybrid, that looks like a shortboard but bigger. They give you the benefits of the full nose and width, but with a tucked in tail. This tail helps you start to do carving turns, progressing from the flatter turns of a longboard.

Intermediate Construction Options

NSP’s E+ construction includes military grade materials. The board maintains its shape so performs as it was intended

Construction options cover super robust durable epoxy with multi fibreglass laminates. So the NSP Intermediate surfboards are durable, much  more durable than a normal surfboard. There’s even a military grade laminate used that’s super strong in their E+ construction.

The decks of these NSP Coco Mat boards clearly show the coco nut fibre. Along with the use of bio resins you get a great eco surfing option

A great construction option is the environmentally friendly use of coconut husk fibres and eco friendly bio resins in the Coco Mat range. What a great idea to use an island style natural fibre to surf the waves.

At this Intermediate level you can also get high performance construction options with NSP’s Protech. This includes carbon fibre inserts that give you light weight. Board weight is a big factor in performance. It’s often a case of the lighter your board, the greater your performance potential.

An NSP Elements Longboard carving off the bottom

So NSP give you the option of performance or durability. You can also match the construction to the style of board you want. For example a stronger yet heavier construction will suit a carving longboard style. The lighweight performance construction suits a shortboard model. You can make your own choice.

Advanced Surfboards

You can surf great on the NSP Protect Fish surfboard.

At the Advanced level you can surf any of the NSP Surfboard models. The Protech construction giving you lightweight.

Why is this important?

NSP’s Protech range is light. This gives you added performance. The Protech boards are still super strong and durable with carbon inlays

Lightweight allows you to surf a board with less volume. It can be thinner with still giving you the same flotation as a thicker board. This reduction in thickness makes the board more responsive, something you need for quick performance turns on longboards and shortboards. So this is an aid to high performance surfing.

Being lightweight the boards also pickup the swell so helping you get more waves and more speed on the wave.

PU Surfboards

Do these boards look the same as other NSPs? Check the stringer running down the middle. The PU range features traditional surfboard construction to give a different feel to your surfing

Beyond Protech, NSP has an even more advanced set of models, their PU range. This is an entirely different construction to any of their other surfboards.

It’s the same construction as traditional surfboards. It’s a polyurethane core with polyster resin, compared to EPS core and epoxy resin as used in the other NSP models. The weight is similar, slightly heavier than the Protech construction but the boards are nowhere near as strong.

You can advance your surfing and really perform on NSP Surfboards

So why have a model of boards that’s only as light as an existing model but not as strong?

Note the stringer in the PU Series. This, and different foam and resin gives a different feel to  your surfing

The PU boards give you the feel of traditional surfboards. There is a totally different surfing feel between epoxy and PU boards.

This is best described as the feeling of your board being in the wave rather than on the wave. The PU lets you carve in the wave opening up a whole new level of manoeuvres. The difference is noticeable across longboards and shortboards.

NSP Value

With their outstanding durability NSP is a great investment

One key factor about NSP that sets it apart from almost every other brand, is that its board have a high finish and are super durable.

All their models, apart from the PU, do often not show any foot dents despite being surfed hard as hire boards. If reasonably well looked after, most marks will wipe off. In some cases second hand boards look as new. The wax wipes off  with no trace of dents.

This means if you want to keep and hold onto your board, it will stay looking and surfing great. Alternatively, if you want to progress and move on with your surfing you can get a great trade. NSP is known as a great brand.

NSP Surfboards – Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced, NSP has a great range of boards to take you on your surfing adventure

From Beginner, to Intermediate, to Advanced, NSP has not only the designs but construction to give you a great surf experience. You’ve even got the choice across different surfing styles of longboard and shortboard, epoxy and PU boards, to expand your surfing skill, experience and fun.

Whether you’re happy to just enjoy your surfing, or want to progress to an advanced level, there’s a proven NSP Surfboard model for you.