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Beginner surfboards

Beginner surfboards are designed for those just starting out learning to surf. At Manly Surfboards we’ll make sure you get the perfect surfboard to start your surfing off the right way. Our selection of surfboards for beginners include foam surfboards, second hand surfboards, and some less expensive brands. As a result will make sure you have a great board to learn on.

Foam beginner surfboards have benefits including their durability; as a result they won’t take dings like a fibreglass board. Hence this is safer for beginners because they have less potential for causing damage to either the surfer or others around him or her.
BIC surfboards – quality without sticker-shock

One the best surfboard for beginners is the BIC Sports range. Ultra strong and able to withstand the bumps and knocks that other surfboards would require constant repairs. Utilising epoxy resin and EPS foam therefore enables these beginners boards to be light in weight and extremely strong.

Shaped to help you progress your surfing from down the line to turning and making the most of the wave. Furthermore for the experienced surfer they are great fun, especially in small waves.

Most of all; boards in the BIC range are inspired by French surf legend Gerard Dabbadie. Dabbadie’s goal was to bring his shaping expertise to the widest possible audience using BIC Sport’s the latest technologies.

As a result customers have told us they have been impressed with the experience of riding the BIC’s.