Softlite Pop Stick Softboard


The Softlite Pop Stick Soft Board brings surfboard features to a softboard with more rocker than other Softboards. It’s moulded construction with epoxy bamboo stringer gives great performance and durability


Softlite Pop Stick Softboard

The Softlite Pop Stick Softboard gives you super fun. It’s ideal for the Beginner wanting to progress. It’s also great for hard core surfers wanting performance in a softboard. The Popstick has more curve in the bottom shape than other Softboards. So you can catch sucky pitching waves, the curve helping prevent nose diving.

Once on the wave this extra rocker allows you to carve on the open wave face. Riding on the wave you’ll find more freedom in your surfing, being able to turn where you want like a normal surfboard. However you get all the extra float, paddle-ability, speed and fun of a Softboard. The EPS core is 100% waterproof so if you get a ding you won’t take in water.

The exclusive Soflite mould system gives extra strength. It also ensures the original performance shape of your board. Construction includes an internal bamboo stringer system reinforced with fibreglass sheeting and epoxy. So you get added strength and perfect flex giving you great durability.

With no fin plugs sticking through the deck there’s no stubbing your toes or bumping your knees. Just a clean, good looking deck making for easy waxing and good grip. On the bottom is the Bones and Shanks Fin System. This makes it easy to add, remove and swap fins to help progress your surfing or to better match conditions.

The Pop Stick has a Softlite’s Xtra Duralinx slick on the bottom so you speed on the waves. Check our full range of Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 200 × 50 × 20 cm


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