Ocean Soul Classic Softboard Foamy


The Ocean Soul Classic Softboard gives you performance fun surfing for Beginners and Advanced surfers. A fibreglass core with 3 stringers gives strength and durability. 3 fins are included


Ocean Soul Classic Softboard

The Ocean Soul Classic Softboard is a great value, fun and durable softboard. What sets the Classic apart is that it includes a fibreglass core. It’s a softboard with soft foam deck, yet within the board there’s strong, resilient fibreglass. This gives you great advantages. The board holds its shape. So it stays fast, won’t bend in the wave losing direction and speed. It’s strong, less likely to break so is long lasting. Making it even stronger there’s three stringers like a normal surfboard, further enhancing performance and strength. The Ocean Soul Mini-Mal shape gives you great fun and performance in most wave conditions. With Ocean Soul Surfboards you get a great mix of performance and durability.

The deck of the Ocean Soul Classic Softboard is soft foam like a bodyboard. So this is great for Beginners as the odd bang and bump has a greatly reduced impact. The bottom of the board has a slick similar to a bodyboard. So you get a lot of speed on the wave. Three fins are included. These are great as they give you a similar feel to a normal surfboard. So as you progress your surfing you’ll already know how to turn and drive your board.

The Ocean Soul Surfboards included fins are soft plastic. So they’re safer and you can use your Classic in the flags and other Beginner areas. The soft fins offer some protection over stiff fibreglass fins if you get a bang. A leash plug is included so you just need to add your leash and you’re ready to go. Check our full range of Ocean Soul Mini-Mal and Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards


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