Elnino Fish Softboard


The Elnino Fish Softboard is a smaller Softboard suited for Beginner kid surfers and Advanced surfers wanting to mix it up. It’s not too long and has refined width with narrower nose and tail so there’s good paddling, wave catching and turning


Elnino Fish Softboard

The Elnino Fish Softboard is a design that packs a lot of fun into a smaller shape. A Softboard is a surfboard that’s ideal for Beginners with softer foam on the deck and rails. This is unlike a normal surfboard that has hard fibreglass. So paddling the Elnino Surfboards are more comfortable, and the odd Beginner bump and bang much less harsh.

The Elnino Fish is a performance Softboard that is much smaller when compared to a bigger Softboard shape. So it’s easy to handle to get to the surf and to get out through the break. The tradeoff is that the El Nino Fish will be most suited to smaller kid surfers who are learning. Or Advanced surfers looking to mix it up on a softboard surfboard for maximum fun.

For Kids

For kids the Fish is easy to surf as it’s not too long and has a nice width giving good floatation. So floatation makes paddling and wave catching easy. The width gives stability making it easy to popup. Once on the wave the board has a narrower nose and tail so it’s easier to push the board around. To do turns and really get surfing.

The bottom has a plastic slick like a bodyboard giving speed and glide on the waves. The core of the El Nino Fish is a high quality EPSHG foam giving a solid feel. Strength is added with 2 internal stringers like a normal surfboard so helping the board retain its shape in the wave. Nose and tail bumpers with dense foam, help the softboard surfboard take dents experienced by Beginners.

Elnino Surfboards are super fun and this is a great Beginners board and performance board to mix it up. Check our full range of Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 200 × 57 × 10 cm


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