Elnino Flow Softboard


The Elnino Flow Softboard gives great fun fast Beginner surfing. The internal stringer gives strength and maintains the performace shape. 3 fin boxes and fins are included along with a leash so it’s ready to surf


Elnino Flow Softboard

The Elnino Flow Softboard gives you performance in a fun Beginners softboard shape. Being a Softboard, the top of the board is soft. So this gives comfort while paddling and greatly minimises the odd bang or bump compared to a fibreglass surfboard. So it’s great for Beginners and Kids.

It has a pulled in nose. So this helps to catch small waves close to shore. The mid section of the board is generous. So you have flotation and area to plane across the wave. So you get speed and fun. The tail is a full square shape that will help you not get bogged down.

If you put your foot back you will be able to do power turns. The El Nino is a more progressive shape that will allow your surfing to advance quickly. It’s one of the best softboards for Beginners.

The Elnino Flow has an EPS core that’s 100% waterproof. So even if there’s a ding it won’t take on any water making your board long lasting. One stringer inside the board adds extra strength and maintains the performance shape.

The HDPE high density polyethylene bottom is super slick so aids speed. Included are three fin boxes with soft fins. The fin boxes allow you to swap out and change your fins for more performance as your skill grows.

The El Nino Flow Softboard also comes with a legrope so you have everything you need to hit the surf. It’s one of the best softboards for Beginners. Check our full range of Softboards at Manly Surboards>Softboards

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 40 × 20 cm


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