Softlite Test Tube Softboard


The Softlite Test Tube Soft Board gives you Parabolic Rails, mesh infused slick & double stringers for high performance fun. Check our Softboards NOW!


Softlite Test Tube Softboard

The Softlite Test Tube Softboard gives you advanced high tech features to maximise your fun. The shape draws the best from longboard design so you get fuller nose great for wave catching. This fullness continues down the board so you get a wider stable platform easy to stand up on. If you’re a Beginner this means it’s easier getting to and staying on your feet. For Progressing and Advanced surfers it means you can add walking the board and add nose riding to your repertoire. The tail tucks in to a rounded square that gives you freedom for turns. You can crank it on it’s rail and the tail will come around with you and not bog or skate.

High Tech Construction

The Softlite Test Tube EPS core is 100% waterproof. This is important as if you get a ding it won’t take on water. To this performance core Parabolic Rails have been added so that your rail shape is like that of a high performance shortboard. The rails are fuller and rounded up front for forgiveness and hold, tapering to a hard edge at the tail for release. So you get high performance surfing. Another key feature is the mesh infused slick. The bottom of the board has a high tech HDPE slick like on high end bodyboards. To this mesh is infused so that you get great longways and sideways strength and recoil. Going in and out of turns your board will flex, not over flex, and return with sping into and out of turns. It’s like you get a performance boost.

Included is the Bones and Shanks Fin System. This makes it easy to install, remove and swap fins to help progress your surfing or to better match conditions. With no finplugs on the deck there’s no stubbing your toes or bumping your knees. Just a clean, good looking deck making for easy waxing. Construction includes fibreglass reinforced double bamboo stringers. So you get added strength and perfect flex giving you great durability. Check our full range of great Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 60 × 20 cm


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