G Board Softboard


The G Board Softboard is a great Beginner and Family board with soft deck, fast slick bottom, fins included. The unique internal foam gives great floatation & flex on the wave making it super easy to stand up, and it’s durable


G Board Softboard

The G Board Softboard is great board for you or your family to start surfing. Over 80% of surf schools use the G Board classic boards so proof it’s great for Beginner surfers. The G Board’s classic surf sessions are legendary. Being a softboard it’s got a great soft deck so any bumps and bangs from falling off are minimised and your fun factor is maximised. This is especially good when compared to the hard impacts from a fibreglass board. The deck also has textured areas for your feet making it easy to grip when you stand. The bottom of the board has a slick like a bodyboard. This gives you high speed on the waves and speed equates to fun. This slick is also super durable so will stand up to what Beginner surfers dish out.

Easy To Stand Up

The G Board Softboard foam construction adds to overall durability. A unique foam is used that while being flexible is also strong. Being flexible the board will flex in the wave rather than nose dive or just buck you off. This greatly helps you get to  your feet and stay on your board when surfing. In terms of durability even if you get a ding the foam won’t take on water ensuring the internal integrity is kept in tact. The board shape is ideal for learning. It’s long and not too wide so not too hard to hold onto and manage. The length gives stability and glide, ideal for fun small wave sessions. The width of the shape is maintained toward the tail so even bigger surfers will still get fast rides. Fins are included and installed.

The G Board Softboard will give you great surf fun with G Boards classic Beginner sessions. Check our full range of Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 300 × 60 × 25 cm


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