Ocean & Earth C-Army Epoxy Soft Softboard


The Ocean & Earth C-Army Epoxy Soft Softboard gives you a great design to start your surfing. It’s a big shape so is easy to paddle, catch waves, and stable to stand on. Advanced features like epoxy construction, concave nose and vee tail will progress your surfing quickly


Ocean & Earth C-Army Epoxy Soft Softboard

The Ocean & Earth C-Army Epoxy Soft Softboard gives you great surfing as a Beginner and fun all round. It’s the latest generation Softboard so will get you started and take your surfing as far as you want. For Beginners it’s great as the deck and rails of the board have soft foam on them. They’re not hard fibreglass like a normal surfboard. So a Beginner’s inevitable bangs and bumps are minimised. The board is also big. So your board is easy to paddle, easy to catch waves, and easy to stand on. It gives you great stability so you can cruise on long rides. This Ocean & Earth Softboard model is part of the Creative Army The General surfboards.

The deck of the board is textured EVA material similar to that of grip pads. So you get great grip and it’s soft and comfy to lie on. The bottom has an HDPE slick similar to that on a bodyboard. This is smooth and so gives you great speed on the wave. While the design of the board is big overall, the tail narrows so as you progress you can step back and carve turns. It’s a great all round design with advanced features too, like a concave for speed up front and a vee that aids turning at the tail.

Epoxy construction means you get maximum strength with a reduction in weight. A fin box in the rear is adjustable so you can setup your fins for your own weight and surf style. The back and side fins are all included so it’s a complete package ready to go. This is a great fun board coming in a range of sizes to suit you. Check our full range of Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 300 × 60 × 20 cm


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