Softlite Koolite Softboard


The Softlite Koolite Softboard gives you stringer, upgradeable fins & features for fun Beginner Surfing. The generous design with lots of area makes standing easy and gives you speed for fun surfing. Fins are included


Softlite Koolite Softboard

The Softlite Koolite Softboard is a great Beginner and fun beach board. It’s a Softboard so makes getting started with your surfing easy and safe. Softboards surfboards have a soft upper. This soft upper won’t bump you hard like a fibreglass surfboard. It’s soft and easy to lie on to start your paddling.

The Koolite surfboard is also very buoyant. This means it floats you in the water easily so you can catch lots of waves. Once on the wave you won’t sink but glide across the water getting long rides. The bottom of the board has a slick bottom like a bodyboard. This gives you speed and speed equates to fun.

The Koolite gives you a shape for Beginner fun. The rounded nose gives stability so it’s easy to get to your feet and stand. Toward the tail the board narrows so as you progress you can step back and turn the board into carving moves.

To help you get around with your Koolite there’s an added a carry handle. You also get a fin system. So you can swap your fins out as you progress and you’ll get much better performance.

The board has in internal stringer like a normal surfboard to give strength and good ride characteristics. It also gives strength and durability making your board long lasting. Check our full range of : Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 50 × 20 cm


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