Softlite Chop Stick Softboard


Softlite Chop Stick Softboard. Great Beginners mal shape. 100% waterproof core, bamboo reinforced stringer system. Check our Softboards Online NOW!



Softlite Chop Stick Softboard

The Softlite Chop Stick Softboard is a perfect board for Beginners. It features a mal shape with fuller nose and width then tucked in tail. So you get all the longboard benefits of easy paddling, easy wave catching and easy getting to your feet. They surf so well even experienced surfers can charge, trimming and doing nose rides. Softlite boards have great construction. The Chop Stick is moulded so the integrity of the shape and performance is carried through to all boards. The mould process greatly increases the strength of the outer skin making it much stronger than competitors. This durability is especially important for Beginners who often get bangs and bumps on their boards. Internal strength is also greatly increased with an internal bamboo stringer reinforced with expoxy and fibreglass. This helps the shape remain true and prevents damage from dumping waves. In the case of a hole the EPS core is 100% waterproof. The Bones and Shanks Fin System makes it easy to install and remove fins. So as you progress you can upgrade your fins. There are also no fin plugs on the deck on which to bang your feet.



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