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Showing 1–16 of 45 results

Surfboard racks to get you both to the waves

Do live right on the beach, just a quick walk across the grass or the tarmac and there you are getting your feet wet? Then this bit isn’t for you. Good luck to you. Go surfing.

For the rest of us who find there’s some distance between us and the waves, and it’s too far to slip the stick under the arm and go, Manly Surfboards has a big range of racks to strap your favourite board to your favourite ride.

We have surfboard racks of all types and for all rides from brands such as Ocean and Earth, FK and Balin.

Surf Board racks for two wheeled rides …

Living in the city means traffic and parking hassles unless you have a scooter or bike. We have surfboard bike racks for mopeds, for scooters and, of course, for pushies – talk to us about your custom two-wheeled ride and we’ll have a racking solution for you.

. . . to cars and vans

For cars we have roof racks, soft car racks, van racks plus all the necessary hardware and software (straps etc) to keep your board safe on the roof in all conditions.

And for home storage

And when you get back home, we have wall racks you can mount anywhere – indoor and outdoor – to keep your board safe, secure, and (particularly for those who may live with you who for some reason find stray surfboards lying all over the place unsatisfactory) out of the way.