Fine Art Wood Surfboard Display Rack


Fine Art Wood Surfboard Display Rack. Beautiful timber with natural cork protection to show your board & lifestyle. A great to keep your board safe, out of the way and to show it off while keeping it easy to slide out and use

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Fine Art Wood Surfboard Display Rack

The Fine Art Wood Surfboard Display Rack is super stylish. It’s not your normal rack or method to wall mount your board. It’s a super high quality and hand crafted using beautiful natural wood materials. So it will look great wherever you mount it. This rack is for high quality display purposes for hanging your prized possession, your surfboard. It’s both distinctive while natural and classic. It consists of two beautifully crafted wood pieces. These pieces are moulded and shaped like a J. So in this J shape your board is held. With your board in the rack you only see the smallest part of the rack sticking out. With no board in the rack you see fine craftsmanship, beautiful materials and flowing timber grain.

Low profile and super dense cork padding allows the rail of your board to rest with only minimal pressure. So there’s no chance of damage to your board. To hold your board secure a wooden peg extends from the bottom of the J stopping your board from sliding off.

Attractive & Practical

In addition to all this beauty of design, craftsmanship and style, the rack is very functional. It’s super easy to grab your board and go. So you can use it for the board you regularly surf. There’s no straps as the board stays in the rack by itself. There’s no slot or other indent from which your board has to be removed. Simply lift or slide your board out. So it’s that easy. The rack caters for boards from shortboards up to longboards. Simply move the two rack pieces apart to match your board length. So keep the pieces closer together for your shortboard, farther apart for your longboard. The moulding timber and pegs are engineered to hold up to 11kgs, 25lbs. So this rack is strong enough to carry a SUP, however the curve of the rack is not deep enough for a thick SUP. Check our full range of surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Gear

Here’s some rack specifications:

  • Extends only 8 inches from the wall so you need to place your board fin out
  • Comes with 2 rack pieces so is minimalist
  • Recycled cork/neoprene grip strips so is eco
  • Anti-slip pegs
  • Wood mounting screws
  • Simple Instructions – so it takes about 15 minutes to install
  • Will hold most boards up to 3 1/2 inches thick – NOT FOR PADDLE BOARDS
  • Designed to hold the board with the fin facing away from the wall

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm


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