Ocean & Earth SUP Longboard Stack Rax Rack


The Ocean & Earth SUP Long Board Stack Rax Rack gives you 60mm padding and can be used for horizontal or vertical stacking. It’s extra heavy duty with 34″ cross beams designed to store bigger heavier boards safely and with easy access

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Ocean & Earth SUP Longboard Stack Rax Rack

The Ocean & Earth SUP Longboard Stack Rax Rack is great to present and store your bigger boards. It’s a surfboard wall storage rack that is specifically designed to fit your SUPs or Longboards. Whether its in the boardroom, your lounge room or garage it’s a great way to keep your bigger boards safe, neat and tidy. It will also work for shorter boards too or for almost anything you need to store  longwise.

You’ve got versatility in the way in which you can stack your boards. The Stax Rax will work as a vertical surfboard rack and as a horizontal surfboard rack. The way it does this is by coming in two separate sections of 2 board dividers. You can affix the two sections running along a wall in a strip. So you lay your two boards horizontally one above the other. Or you can place the racks above each other with your boards leaning vertically against them. The dividers extend 34″ out so you can fit up to very wide boards. 60mm thick foam covers the dividers giving great padding and protection.

Extra Long

With installation of the Ocean & Earth SUP Longboard Stack Rax Rack make sure you give yourself enough space. As it’s a surfboard wall storage rack make sure there’s space to fit your boards so that when they extend past either end they won’t hit a wall or other object. If your boards are extra long you can space the rack pieces farther apart so they get evenly spaced support. For shorter boards keep the pieces closer together. If you’re using it as a vertical surfboard rack the amount of spacing is only limited by the height of your roof.

As with all things Ocean & Earth the Stack Rax is super functional and well constructed. The mounts and extending beams are all metal. They’re well coated, coming in black, so won’t rust, and come with generous padding. So you’ll be giving your boards premium safe storage. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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