KanuLock Lockable TieDown


KanuLock Lockable Tie-Down. Stainless steel reinforced, can’t be cut. Lockable buckles. Extra secure. One of the best ways to keep your board safe and secure on the roof of your car.

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KanuLock Lockable TieDown

The KanuLock Lockable TieDown is super secure, so you get major advantages over other tie downs. First it’s lockable. This is a major feature as it means you can leave your board on your roof in a wider range of situations. In a lot of places you have to keep your board in view. With Kanu you can lock the rack so you’re able to keep your board secure and have more freedom. You don’t have to keep your eye on it all the time. Second it secures your boards well. The straps are reinforced with stainless steel. So even if someone tries to circumvent the lock it would take some effort to cut through the 4 stainless steel bands. Rubber encases the stainless steel bands so they’re even harder to get past. The rubber also means the securing bands won’t mark your car. Kanu advise their straps can’t be cut. You can load your boards and do more than just turn your back knowing they’ll be safe. The Kanu Locking Tie Down comes in several sizes for your range of surf craft. Check our full range of Racks at Manly Surfboards>Racks

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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