Seacured Side Loader Moped Surfboard Rack


Seacured Side Loader Bike Board Rack. Lightweight, aluminium, padded. Matches manufacturer’s fittings so is sturdy for street riding. Gets you and your board to the surf with no hassle for parking.

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Seacured Side Loader Moped Surfboard Rack

The Seacured Side Loader Moped Surfboard Rack is a great way to get your board to the surf. It’s mount is designed to match that of your moped, scooter or motorbike manufacturer’s fitting. So it becomes an integral part of your scooter. It’s not designed to attach to your push bike seat post. The rack arms are aluminium so lightweight and strong. Contour curved they have generous padding to keep your board safe. A great feature of side loader racks is that you can load long boards into them. So the Seacured Side Loader Bike Rack will take boards just over 8′ in length. The two u-shaped fittings extend from the side of your bike. So these cradle your board with clearance for your fins. The fittings are foam covered so your board has protection. Elastic straps are included so your board is kept secured.

Light & Strong

Construction of the Seacured Side Loader Moped Rack is extremely high strength and light. The finish is black so won’t rust. The installation kit comes with everything you need including the tool to put it together. The Seacured Side Loader Moped Rack overcomes one of the biggest hassles with surfing, especially in summer, that of finding a car space. So why not get your scooter optimised to get you and your surfboard to the surf faster and more economically.

With this rack you can put your board on your bike and zip through the traffic. You’ll pass all those big traffic jams right on the beach roads where people are getting in and out of car spaces. You can utilise special Scooter-Only spaces without waiting, the fastest way to get into the water. You can also use your scooter to get to locations where cars can’t go, getting uncrowded waves. Check our full range of Surf Racks at Manly Surfboards>Racks

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