Seacured Side Loader Bike Surfboard Rack


Seacured Side Loader Bike Rack. Anodised aluminium rust resistant, padding & tie downs. Eco friendly. No better way to get the surf and this kit gives you everything you need.

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Seacured Side Loader Bike Surfboard Rack

The Seacured Side Loader Bike Surfboard Rack gets you and your board to the waves in an eco friendly way. There’s no better way to get to the surf than with your board on your bike. Driving your car you get the hassle of traffic, finding a park, and you’re polluting the environment. Walking is too slow. If the surf’s no good it’s a long walk back. If it is good you froth too much running on the way down. This rack is a side loader so your board fits in the specially shaped arms on the side of your bike. It works equally well for bikes with and without suspension. So a road to mountain bike to cruiser will all work. Generous foam padding and elastic tie-downs keep your board snug and secure. There’s nothing worse than getting up speed and having the wind take your board.

Light Strong Construction

Constructed from aluminium the black frame looks good and it strong while being light. It adds hardly any weight to your board so you can leave it on your bike even when not heading out for a surf. It’s also rust resistant so perfect for use around the beach. This is an important feature as anything that has metal tends to corrode leading to breakage in only a few seasons. The rack is fitted to your bike-seat stem and so moves in its entirety as your bike moves. So if your bike moves up and down over bumps your board moves with it. Your board will clear any obstacles your bike clears. The rack is versatile in its size capacity. It caters for boards up to 8’1″ so your Fish, shortboard, mini-mal even gun are all catered for. The rack comes with everything needed. You get the installation tool, the metal rack arms, padding and straps. It’s all easy and fast to install. For your bike and your surfboard, the Seacured Side Loader Bike Rack is a great accessory. Check our Surf Racks at Manly Surfboards>Surf Racks

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