Komunity Project Tie Down Straps


Komunity Project KP Tie Down Straps. 12′ & 16′ length, 25mm width. Secure. Snug neoprene buckle sleeves. Check our range of Surf Accessories NOW!


Komunity Project Tie Down Straps

Komunity Project Tie Down Straps are a great surf accessory. The two straps are 25mm wide, of strong nylon construction, coming in a handy go-anywhere pack. The buckles are metal so they’re robust and fine quality. Neoprene pockets fit snugly around them. So your car and board get protection from any bare metal. The neoprene pocket folds out of the way so it’s easy to thread the strap. They can be used to tie down your surfboard, SUP, longboard, in fact almost anything. The Komunity Project aims to provide surfers with great products. They’ve a wide selection of accessories so you can get everything you need for surfing. Four World Champions have contributed to product design. These include Kelly Slater, Barton Lynch, Adriano de Souza, and Occy. Their contributions to the Komunity range include fin templates of those that Kelly won many of his World Titles. Simon Anderson, the creator of the Thruster 3 fin system, has his only signature fins available through Komunity. Adriano and Barton have their signature grips. So you know Komunity gear is good. Their leashes include a special one piece construction that greatly increases the strength while decreasing bulk. They have travel accessories like board covers, soft racks and these tie downs.  There’s something for every aspect of your surfing. Click here to find out more: Komunity Project

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm


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