Ocean & Earth Single Vertical Surfboard Display Rack


The Ocean & Earth Single Vertical Board Display Rack is the same style of vertical rack as used in surf shops. Strong, lightweight, it’s construction is of steel with foam padding. A great way to display and store your favourite surfboard

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Ocean & Earth Single Vertical Surfboard Display Rack

The Ocean & Earth Single Vertical Surfboard Display Rack is great for your favourite board. It presents and stores one board vertically. So it’s just like you see the main display board presented in a surf shop. It’s a freestanding vertical surfboard rack so doesn’t need a wall or fixture to lean against or be fixed to. It has a strong stable metal frame with two long pieces that rest flat on the floor. Parts of the frame are formed so as to accept your board’s fin and rails. So your board is braced and held firm. Your board can’t be more than 21.5″ 55mm wide or 3″ 75mm thick, as this is the limit of the formed rail pieces. This is a great vertical surfboard rack.

The Ocean & Earth Single Vertical Display Rack is thin overall but strongly made with powder coated steel. It’s light so is easy to put out of the way when not in use. Foam covers the struts for your fin and rails so they get protection. There’s a number of different options available for your board to keep it out of the way safe from dings and dents. This freestanding surfboard rack is a vertical surfboard rack. It’s the most simple, requires no setup, and sits straight on the floor of your lounge room,  bedroom or garage. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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