Ocean & Earth Rap Rax


The Ocean & Earth Rap SoftRax gives you transport for up to 4 shortboards or 2 longboards. Aerodynamic shape reduces noise and flows smoothly. EVA treated gives long life in the sun. Padded buckles protect your board and vehicle

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Ocean & Earth Rap Rax

The Ocean & Earth Rap Rax give you a great way to transport up to 4 shortboards or 2 longboards without roof racks. They don’t require any fittings on your vehicle. The Rax unpack and have all the pads and straps you need to safely secure your boards to the roof of your car. The pads that sit on the car roof are EVA material, so they’re soft while able to hold their structure. They give the necessary clearance from your roof to carry your boards. The pads are aerodynamic in shape so reduce wind resistance and noise. The top of the Ocean and Earth Rax pads has a quick-clean panel so wax removal is easy. UV treatment on the straps means they won’t degrade in sunlight. The Ocean and Earth soft racks fold up fitting easily in their carry bag.

A great feature of the Ocean & Earth Rax is the cam buckle neoprene enclosure. The metal of the buckle is enclosed in neoprene padding. So you get extra protection from scratches or dents when they come in contact with your vehicle. Buckle construction is fully rust-proof. So they won’t corrode and are strong and reliable. Instructional images come on the carry bag with step by step directions on fitting and use. So they’re easy to set up. The Ocean and Earth soft racks are the premium way to transport larger boards on your vehicle. The Ocean and Earth Rax pads are ideal to take for travel and for hire car use. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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