Blocksurf Wrap Rax Single Soft Rack


The BlockSurf Wrap Rax Single SoftRack fits any car and holds 1-3 boards. Heavy duty easy-thread aircraft-quality buckles give you great reliability. Generous pads keep your vehicle and boards safe

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BlockSurf Wrap Rax Single Soft Rack

The BlockSurf Wrap Rax Single Soft Rack gives you super easy fast transport for your boards. What makes it so good is that this rack can be setup and used instantly. Just unpack, put it on your roof and secure it. You don’t need fitted metal roof racks, or even roof channels or side gutter. So it will work on any car.

The Block Surf Rack will hold 1 to 3 boards stacked on top of each other so you can fit your whole quiver on it. Generous foam pads sit with stability on your car roof providing great protection for boards and car. The Block Surf Wrap Rax has wide 25mm straps that are super strong and safe.

The way the Blocksurf Wrap Rax Soft Rack is used is you extend the straps through your car interior, either through the doors or windows. In this way you get extra security with your straps visible inside the car so you know they’re secured. Aircraft-quality buckles are used to connect the straps.

So you get easy threading and setup plus heavy duty durability and reliability. The buckles are quick to strap down once your boards are onboard. Lightweight, the Block Surf Rack is easy and handy to have in your car ready to carry boards as needed.

The carry bag is super handy so you can take your Block Surf Wrap Rax anywhere or stash them in your car or board bag. Check our full range of Surfboard racks at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Racks

  • Fast setup and take down
  • Fits any car, no fixtures needed
  • Security in strap setup through windows or doors
  • Handy carry bag included

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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