Creatures Wrap Rax


Creatures Wrap Rax. Industrial grade silicon covered buckles. Wider military grade straps. Carries multi boards. Keep this rack handy so when needed you’ll be able to carry 1-3 boards in safety.


Creatures Wrap Rax

The Creatures Wrap Rax are great to transport 1-3 boards if your vehicle doesn’t have roof racks. Referred to as soft racks they don’t require any fittings. So no gutter or fixtures are required on your vehicle. These racks are fitted with the straps running through your car door and over the top of your roof.

Your boards sit on top of generous foam padding on the roof, safe and sound. The Wrap Rax straps are heavy duty 30mm wide military grade webbing. So they won’t break or wear. The roof pads are aerodynamic so don’t create unnecessary noise or drag.

Industrial strength corrosion resistant metal buckles with cams are used to secure the Creatures Wrap Rax. A cam is a self tightening mechanism so once tightened the straps stay secure. There’s no chance your boards getting loose. Silicon coating is used on the buckles so they last and allow the straps to slide easily.

They give your car extra protection from inadvertent scratches. Coming in a handy and stowable carry bag these racks store easily in your car so they’re on hand as needed. The rax are super durable and UV treated so will last and stay looking good. To find out more on how Creatures can power your surfing check here: Meet The Creatures

  • No car fittings required
  • Carry up to 3 boards
  • Silicon coated buckles for protection & durability
  • UV treated to stay looking good

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 20 cm


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