Ocean & Earth SUP Longboard Wall Rack


Ocean & Earth SUP Longboard Wall Rack. Solid construction to take boards up to 34″ width. 60mm EVA padding. A great way to utilise free space to keep your boards safe and out of the way.

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Ocean & Earth SUP Longboard Wall Rack

The Ocean & Earth SUP Longboard Wall Rack is a solid solution to store your bigger boards. The rack consists of a pair of wall mounts each with two extensions. The extensions project from the wall and curve downward so you lay your board deck facing outward. The length of the extensions is generous so they will hold boards up to 34″ wide. This is perfect for SUPs and more than what’s needed for longboards and shortboards. The rack has a heavy duty metal frame that is black coated. The extensions are covered with EVA foam padding that is 60mm thick so you get plenty of protection. These are a great way to store your bigger boards out of the way free of the chance of falling over or being dinged.

The Ocean & Earth SUP Long Board Wall Rack is a simple and easy storage solution. To cater for different length boards all you need do is position the mount pieces the desired distance apart. Closer together for shortboards. Farther apart for longboards. Keep in mind you want easy access so don’t mount the rack too high up the wall if your board is too heavy. If your board is heavy you may want to consider sliding it into the rack. In this case check there’s enough space at an end to be able to slide it in. With the generous 34″ capacity of the mounts there’s no chance your board will fall out. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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