Ocean & Earth Wall Van Surfboard Rack


Ocean & Earth Wall Van Board Rack. Two U-shaped pieces can be mounted on your wall or in your van or anywhere. They’re racks in their purest easiest form, pre-drilled and ready to go.

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Ocean & Earth Wall Van Surfboard Rack

The Ocean & Earth Wall Van Surfboard Rack is designed for use on your wall or in your van. The rack is versatile. So it could be used almost anywhere you have a place to mount it. Consisting of two strong metal U-shaped board holders, it will take anything. From a shortboard or bodyboard up to a narrow SUP. Length-wise you can position the rack’s two pieces as close together or far apart so short and long boards will fit. The metal pieces come with foam padding and so the racks are ready to go. The racks are great to both protect and showcase your board. It’s a way to keep your board off the ground where it can easily it bumped or dinged. Or if you have to place it upright, it prevents it falling damaging the rails.

Easy & Simple

The Ocean & Earth Wall Van Rack gives you racks in their pursest and easiest form. The two pieces are lightweight so easy to handle. They come pre-drilled so are fast to mount. For use they could be mounted with removable or quick release connections. So in your van for example you could quickly install or remove them if extra clear space is needed or if you need to rack your board.

Ocean & Earth are a great surf company. Their products cover every type of surf accessory like these racks through to wetsuits and SUPs. Well thought out functional design characterise their products so you get great use. This is matched with robust durable construction and materials. Their rack range includes both utilitarian and stylish ways to mount your boards. All come with everything you need including padding to keep your boards protected. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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