FK Bike Surfboard Rack


The FK Bike Board Rack gives you a super strong 6061 rust proof alloy frame that attaches to your bike seat for fast easy install. Padding, straps and tools are all included. It’s ideal to get to the surf without the traffic hassle

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FK Bike Surfboard Rack

The FK Bike Surfboard Rack gives you a great eco no hassle way to get your board to the beach. It’s a side loader rack. So your board fits in the specially shaped arms on the side. It works equally well for bikes with and without suspension. The rack is fitted to the bike-seat stem. So it moves in its entirety as your bike moves. Foam padding and elastic tie downs keep your board snug and secure. Construction is of 6061 alloy with welds so is extremely high strength. The black frame is rust resistant so perfect for use around the beach.

The rack comes with everything you need, tool, racks, padding and straps, so it’s easy and fast to install. For your bike and your board, the FK Bike Rack is a great accessory. It takes away one of the biggest problems you may have with surfing. That of finding a car space. Being able to put your board on your rack means you can ditch your car and get to the beach in an eco friendly, healthy way. You’ll also get to the surf warmed up and ready to rip. To find out more on how FK Far King can power your surfing check here: FK Surf Essentials

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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