Ocean & Earth Side Loader Moped Surfboard Rack


The Ocean & Earth Side Loader Moped Board Rack of anodised aluminium is a strong stylish way to get your board to the surf. It’s super lightweight and fits to the robust luggage rack so your board is carried super safely

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Ocean & Earth Side Loader Moped Surfboard Rack

The Ocean & Earth Side Loader Moped Surfboard Rack is the ideal way to get your board to the surf fast. It sets you free of the hassle of traffic and parking. Ocean & Earth has a strong reputation for delivering fully functional surf products so the Side Loader Moped Rack is right on the mark. It has a universal design for a surfboard rack. This means it will fit most scooters, mopeds or motorbikes that have fittings for rear luggage racks. Unlike a surfboard bike rack for a bicycle this doesn’t attach to your seat post or seat area. The rack will carry Shortboards and Mini-mals. Your Longboards though might extend too far and hit the front wheel so check if yours will fit. O&E recommend board sizes up to 8′ length. The spacing of the rack bars is set so one size will fit all your boards.

Durable Construction

Construction of the Ocean & Earth Side Loader Moped Surfboard Rack is of anodized rust resistant aluminium. So it’s super lightweight and durable. The anodized finish is a smart black so it looks good. You can leave it on your scooter and it’ll hardly add any weight when you’re not carrying your board. Over the aluminum rack arms soft padded EVA foam provides protection. Slide your board in and it’ll stay put, safe and snug. The included elastic tie downs then securely keep your board in place. The rack is assembled using the included Allen key. So there’s no funny spring clips to wear and fail. Once tightened your rack and board will stay super secure. A super handy feature is that this surfboard bike rack comes in sections. So you can remove the section with the bars if you’re not going to be carrying your board for an extended time or if want to use the rear of your seat and rack area for another purpose. Ocean & Earth also has great Soft Racks and a huge range of surf accessories. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing


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