Ocean & Earth Stack Rax Single 4 Board With Floor Mat


The Ocean & Earth Stack Rax 4 Board & Floor Mat gives you 4 board care with 50mm padding on the rungs and 20mm thick durable EVA floor mat. The Rax are placed on a wall and allow you to fit a quiver of boards. From your shortie to gun or longboard, it’s only limited by your ceiling. Check our Racks NOW!

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Ocean & Earth Stack Rax Single 4 Board With Floor Mat

The Ocean & Earth Stack Rax Single 4 Board With Floor Mat is a versatile surf accessory. This rack will help you manage and store just about your whole quiver, up to 4 boards. You’ll be able to keep them off the floor so they won’t get kicked and bumped. They’ll be out of a corner where they’ll fall over. And they’ll be neatly displayed and cared for. These racks needs to be placed on a wall. You mount the rack horizontally so your boards stand vertically. The rungs of the rack are made from metal and covered with a generous 50mm foam. There’s no way your boards will get dinged even if they slip and land against the rack rungs.

As the rack has no upper limit you can place it against the wall at the height so that your shortest board fits and is supported. You can thin fit any board length, a mal or gun, to the height of your root.

Tail & Floor Protection

Giving attention where you need it, the Stack Rax also comes with a floor mat. This is robust 20mm thick EVA, the same material deck grip is made of. It will cushion your board tails so they won’t get banged on the floor. This is an important feature as the odd bang will result in a ding. A ding at your tail is one of the hardest to fix as it gets pressure from your leash so tends to reappear. Also as the EVA is textured your board tail won’t slip out even when wet. It will be secure on the floor padding. The floor mat will also protect your floor. There’ll be no scratched timber or chipped tiles from fins and tail resin edges. As with all things Ocean & Earth, the Rax is functional and well constructed. So you’ll be giving your boards premium safe storage.

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