Ocean & Earth Stack Rax Single 4 Board


The Ocean & Earth Stack Rax Single 4 Board gives you great vertical storage with generous 50mm padding. You place the rack against your wall and your boards are supported by the generous foam backed supports

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Ocean & Earth Stack Rax Single 4 Board

The Ocean & Earth Stack Rax Single 4 Board gives you great board care. It’s a surfboard wall rack, so it attaches to your wall. Board racks are a great way to store your boards when you’re not surfing. Rather than leaving them lying on the ground where they can get bumped and dinged, or up against a wall where they can slip and get damage, the rack gives you great presentation and storage.

 This surfboard stand is a vertical surfboard rack and consists of a backbone piece with 4 supports extending horizontally. You connect these surf racks against a wall and your boards can be leant up against the supports. 50mm foam covers the support dividers so fully protecting your boards.


Vertical or Horizontal Storage

As a wall rack the Ocean & Earth Stack Rax has no base. So your board tails will be sitting on the ground. You’re not limited in your board height except in the height of your roof. So as a surfboard stand you can store your longest Longboards and Guns. If you need to store very long boards without much roof height then another option is to get two of these racks and use them horizontally on the wall. In this way you would slide your long boards into the dividers and they will be supported. Your length versatility is greatly increased as you can place the two surf racks as far apart as your mounting wall allows and so support very long boards.


As with all things Ocean & Earth the Stack Rax is super functional and well constructed with high quality materials. So you’ll be giving your boards premium safe storage. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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Dimensions 60 × 60 × 20 cm


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