Ocean & Earth Tie Downs Straps


Ocean & Earth Tie Downs Straps. Extra wide 38mm straps. Buckles in neoprene pockets. Check our range of Boards & Accessories Online NOW!


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Ocean & Earth Tie Downs Straps

The Ocean & Earth Tie Downs Straps are a key accessory to keep your boards safe on your roof racks. You get two straps with extra wide webbing teamed with an advanced buckle system. A red highlight is on the edges of the straps. So this helps you keep them from twisting, aligning  the red on the same side. The red also improves the visibility of the straps say at night. The buckles are metal with a strong simple clip. The strap easily slides through so you can get them setup quickly and easily. There’s no tricky threading. With a simple squeeze on the spring loaded clasp the buckle teeth safely secure the straps. Neoprene pockets enclose the buckles. So the metal of the buckles won’t bang or mark your car. The neoprene pockets also protect your boards. The tie downs come in various sizes to cover a load of boards. The Tie Downs Straps are a strong well designed surf accessory from Ocean & Earth. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 15 cm


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