Mad Dog Pacific Softboard


The Mad Dog Pacific Softboard is hand crafted with 4 stringers giving you a great way to start and progress your surfing, Check our Softboards NOW!


Mad Dog Pacific Softboard

The Mad Dog Pacific Softboard caters for surfers from a complete Beginner to Intermediate level. It gives you a great platform to start standing up through to riding the waves. One of the key features is the construction. As a Beginner you often find yourself in the shore break with powerful dumping waves. A board of normal construction will break in these conditions as it has only one wooden reinforcing stringer. The Mad Dog has 4 wooden reinforcing stringers, the most in any Softboard. So you get great strength and durability. These wooden stringers also help in your ride of the board. A softboard can be too soft so when you go to catch the wave it bends making it hard to stand up. The 4 Mad Dog stringers keep the board straight and stable so you can easily get to your feet.

Durable Construction

The inner foam core of the board is lightweight and uses EPS, the same foam as in high performance boards. This foam core is hand shaped so all the features you need for good surfing are hand crafted into your board. Over the foam core the deck features a strong denser foam similar to that used on bodyboards. Proven to be durable it provides a great balance between giving you grip while not being too abrasive on your skin. It will provide grip to stand up on, though wax is recommended to also be used. The bottom of the board has a slick like a bodyboard. This is a great idea. It performs well on the wave giving you speed. It’s also very durable, which as a Beginner is a great help as laying the board down on its bottom won’t hurt. Check our full range of Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 220 × 56 × 10 cm


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