Shakka Foam Surfboards


Shakka Softboard. Great value Beginners board. EPS core, HDPE fast slick. Easy to handle, paddle & catch waves. Check our Surfboards Online NOW!



Shakka Foam Surfboards

The Shakka Foam Surfboards is a great value and full featured Beginners board. It has an easy to handle shape so is great for getting you into the waves. The body of the board is generous. So you get good flotation and paddling. This area also makes for good stability so helping you get to your feet. Once you’re on your feet you can start to progress as the shape tucks in at the tail, so helping you do turns. The nose of the board isn’t too large so it’s easy to handle. An HDPE slick covers the bottom giving you protection from damage. This is the same type of slick used on bodyboards, so you get speed. The Shakka comes with 3 soft fins. So nothing else is needed to get you in the water. The core is EPS foam that is highly buoyant and 100% waterproof. This adds to the longevity of your board. Internally a double wood stringer adds strength and durability, helping your board keep its shape. The Shakka Softboard gives you lots of features and great value.


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