Elnino Diva Cruiser Softboard


The Elnino Diva Cruiser Softboard is great for Beginners starting to surf & Advanced surfers wanting to mix it up. Check our range of Softboards Online NOW!



Elnino Diva Cruiser Softboard

The Elnino Diva Cruiser Softboard is designed as a board themed for Girls. It’s great for a Beginner starting to surf or for an Advanced surfer looking to mix it up for fun sessions. The Softboard is a soft board. The deck and rails of the board have soft foam and this softens the impact from the odd bump you get when learning to surf. The shape is rounded making for easy surfing. Area in the nose and through the body gives you easy paddling, easy wave catching, and helps you glide over foam sections for long rides. So it’s a heap of fun to ride. Toward the tail the outline narrows. This helps you do more carving turns. So as a Beginner you can progress your surfing. If more Advanced you can put the board where you want on the wave doing big manoeuvres.

The Elnino Diva Cruiser Softboard construction incorporates a high quality EPS foam core. This gives good buoyancy so as a Beginner you’ll easy be able to paddle more easily. If you’re an Advanced surfer you can drop down in board size and get higher performance. An HDPE slick, a plastic bottom, gives you speed on the wave. This is similar to that used on bodyboards. Inside the foam there’s a dual stringer. This adds strength so your board will handle the pounding of the waves. The dual stringer also helps your board keep its shape on the wave adding to speed. It comes with a thruster setup that includes 3 soft fins. For all types of surfers this board is a heap of fun. Check our full range of Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards


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