Elnino Diva Cruiser Softboard




Elnino Diva Cruiser Softboard

The Elnino Diva Cruiser Softboard is designed for girls. It’s a mini-mal shape without too much volume so you get all the benefits without the negatives. Easy to handle in the surf, to get through the break and swing around onto waves, it also helps you catch and glide on those waves. The width of the shape extends from a point just forward of mid to just behind mid so you can get used to moving your feet around. This leads to a fast progression as you ride the board, moving forward and back to keep on the swell of the wave. The shape fullness distributes your weight over the board so no one part is too chunky.

The Elnino Diva Cruiser incorporates a high quality EPS core and HDPE high density polyethylene bottom slick. The deck finish provides paddling comfort and grip while being durable.

A shape specifically designed for girls, the Elnino Diva Cruiser will make for a fun start to your surfing with the features to help you grow. For beginner to intermediate surfers this board will be a heap of fun.

The Diva Cruiser 7’0 and up has a dual stringer for extra strength.


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